CHEST Medical Writing Tips of the Month:002オンライン投稿論文の準備(基本的な情報と陥りやすい罠から逃れるために)



Preparing Manuscripts for Online Submission*

Basic Information and Avoidance of Common Pitfalls

Stephen J. Welch

Chest 2006; 129;822-825

Objectives: After reading this article, users will be able to do the following:

* Understand the requirements of online submission of manuscripts;

* Prepare manuscript, figure, and table files to optimize digital formats;

* Avoid common pitfalls encountered in online submission processes; and

* Speed the processing and review time. (CHEST 2006; 129:822-825)


  • オンライン投稿の要件を理解している
  • 電子フォーマットを活用する論文、図、表のファイルが作成できる
  • オンライン投稿過程において陥りやすい落とし罠を回避できる
  • 処理、査読時間を短縮する(CHEST 2006; 129:822-825)

It is important to note that even though this article discusses the system that CHEST uses (Manuscript Central), there are a number of other manuscript submission and peer review systems on the market that are being used by thousands of journals. Although each one is unique in its operation, the basic concepts behind how they work are fairly similar.


Getting Started With Online Manuscript Submission

The first thing to do is to launch your Web browser and go to the CHEST Manuscript Central home page2 ( You have to log in (if you already have an account in the system) or click the “Create Account” option if you are a first-time user of CHEST Manuscript Central. If you are creating a new account, enter your name and e-mail information. Your e-mail information is very important, so be sure you have entered it correctly.



You will need word-processing file(s) for uploading to the system (Microsoft Word preferred).

→本文は、ワードMicrosoft Word preferredで、受け付ける。


Digital files that are acceptable for production (see below) must be provided for all illustrations at the submission stage. Acceptable file formats for graphics files are .tiff, .jpg, and PowerPoint (.ppt).

→図表は、.tiff, .jpg, and PowerPoint (.ppt)の形式で、

Reviewer Preference Information

CHEST encourages authors to submit the names of preferred reviewers (the more the better) and nonpreferred reviewers.


Conflict of Interest Disclosures and Institutional Review Board Approval

CHEST has also added more strict and comprehensive policies regarding the disclosure of potential conflicts of interest and institutional review board (IRB) approval. In fact, a disclosure statement and a statement regarding IRB approval are now required in all manuscripts, as described in our revised “Instructions to Authors.” The disclosure statement should appear with the title page information, and the IRB statement should appear in the manuscript itself, or if it is a manuscript type that is not applicable for IRB approval, there should be a statement indicating this in the cover letter to the Editor in Chief.

→利益相反Conflict of Interestについても、タイトルページに記載しないさいと、注意書きがあり。

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